At Hillary's Community Kindergarten we understand how important it is to learn through play.

Hillary’s Community Kindergarten provides a high quality educational program for children in the year that they are turning four years of age before June 30th.

Our program allows children to learn and achieve at their own level, in a play-based environment where they feel safe but also challenged to learn and try new experiences.

A year at Hillary’s Community Kindergarten is a fabulous transition from home to the more formal school environment.

Our Program

Our kindy program is play-based and references the “The Early Years Learning Framework”. We create a safe environment to allow the children to develop their ability to apply their knowledge, skills and understandings independently. 

Our Values

Everyone at Hillarys Community Kindergarten is a special and a valued member of our group.  We encourage the children to learn and feel good about themselves and those around them in a secure environment where they are supported for their differences. 

Our Staff

Hillary’s Community Kindergarten staff are highly qualified and dedicated to ensuring the children attending the kindy receive the best start to their school experience. 

Our Community

The involvement of parents and the community is essential for our kindy to provide a rounded and rich learning environment for the children and this is achieved via our Parent Commitee