Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 2 Week 2

Term 2 Week 2

  • Another busy week getting ready for our special Mother’s Day Pamper morning next week. We have been singing, painting, gluing and reading all week to ensure that our mums have lots of wonderful surprises next week.
  • The vegetable garden continues to flourish so this week because we have been working so hard Mrs Ford used the blender to make some nutritious kale smoothies. We picked the kale fresh and then added mango, banana and water and turned on the motor. They were delicious and we could feel it doing our bodies good.
  • It is difficult to describe some of the activities we have done this week without giving away the surprises we have made for our mums so you will all just have to wait and see. If you come into kindy you will be able to see some of the art work we have completed as well as some important facts about all of our mums.
  • The attendance board has changed this week and now it is covered in all of the shapes we are learning about. We are trying hard to remember the difference between a square and a rectangle as well as the attributes of all of the different shapes.
  • The Seals are very excited this Friday because they are the first to meet Bettina our yoga teacher. Look out for some poses coming home