Term 2 Week 4 Weekly Diary

Term 2 Week 4-

  • What is a friend? Twiggle the Turtle did not know what a friend was and what friends do for each other. We read his special book and discovered that – 1. Friends play.   2. Friends help each other.  3. Friends share.
  • We had a special Friendship Day at kindy to practise what we had learned with Twiggle. We were given a special sticker and we had to find someone in kindy who had the same sticker. They were going to be our special friend for the day and we would do everything with them.
  • What a busy day we had together. We wrote letters to them and put them in an envelope with a stamp on it. We posted them after kindy and then waited excitedly to receive our letters.
  • We cooked Friendship Cookies for each other. They were shaped like a heart and they tasted delicious. In the afternoon we decorated them with all the things we though our friend would like.
  • At the end of the week we noticed there were four corners set up in kindy – happy, sad, angry and frightened. We visited each corner and talked things that made us feel this way. It is important that we can recognise our feelings so that we can talk about the way we feel and why we feel that way. We are very excited about our Open Day tomorrow.