Term 2 Week 6 Diary

Term 2 Week 7 –

  • Last week we were busy designing and constructing a vehicle that would float in the water. Our boats turned out very well thanks to the help from Mrs Thompson and her trusty glue gun. Now it was time for their maiden voyage. We placed them carefully into the water trolley and surprise, surprise they floated. Luckily, despite the wild weather outside our water trolley had calm waters and so we didn’t have any capsize.
  • Another surprise awaiting us this week was a rather wet letter that arrived from the depths of the ocean. The Rainbow Fish had written to us because he had heard how we had been practising being good friends. We all remembered that we must play together, help each other and share with our friends. The Rainbow Fish asked us to write back to him and tell him how we are being good friends at kindy. We were very busy with our letters and now they are ready to put back into the letter box and send back to the ocean.
  • As authors we have just completed the writing of our second book. It is titled “Here is the Sea.” We are also the illustrators so we have been very busy. Now we are going to practise our reading and our work will be done.
  • It has been a short but very busy week. It has also been very cold so we have kept on the move to keep warm.