Term 3 Week 2

Term 3 Week 2 :

  • We all brought in a photograph of our houses this week so that we could look at them and see what type of materials they were made out of and what they looked like from the outside. We noticed that no one had a house made out of straw or sticks.
  • Our first job was to look carefully at the photograph and then paint a picture of what we could see. We included windows and doors.
  • We worked as a team with Mrs Thompson to build a house using all of the different materials provided. We had some very interesting structures. Then the big test. Could the Big Bad Wolf (Mrs Ford’s hair dryer in disguise) blow our house down?
  • Then we had a turn being the Big Bad Wolf to see if we could huff and puff and blow a collection of items across the floor. It was hard work. We made a graph to record our results.
  • We also decided to write a letter to the Big Bad Wolf to try and teach him to be a good friend so that maybe he could change his name to the Big Good Wolf. Let’s see what happens.