Term 3 Week 3 Diary

Term 3 Week 3 at kindy –

  • We have completed our box constructions that represent our houses. They are up on our Community Board so come in and have a look. Now we are trying to remember the number of the house we live in and then the name of the street. Mrs Ford will be very proud if we can remember our address.
  • The wild weather on Monday meant that there were a lot of sticks and branches lying around at the park. We went for a walk around the park and collected a good stick each to work with next week. Stay tuned so that you can see what we turn our sticks into.
  • We really enjoyed reading the story about the Hippopotamus on the Roof and so we decided to make our own roof but we chose different animals and different food. It was a great opportunity to practise using our colourful describing words.
  • Our sound for this week was Aa. It wasn’t as easy to find things that started with this sound but we did discover some new, interesting words to add to our collection.
  • Next week we will discover what else we will put on our Community Board.