Term 3 week 4 Diary

Term 3 Week 4 :

  • With great anticipation we are getting prepared for our walking excursion next week to the Police Station and the Shopping Centre. Mrs Ford reminded us how important it is that we know how to behave when we are out walking in the streets because we do not want any accidents.
  • We went outside in front of kindy so that we could practise crossing the road. Stop, Look and Listen ! It is very important that everyone remembers these rules so that we can have a wonderful, safe day next week.
  • We will be walking in our local community next week but we know that sometimes we need to use vehicles to help us to get from one place to another. We discovered that land vehicles all have wheels so that they can travel across the land. We all made a 2D vehicle out of shapes to put up onto our community board.
  • We also looked at the signs that are found around our community. Even though we can’t read yet we can usually work out what the signs mean just by looking at the pictures.
  • During the wet weather this week we stayed inside and used some new tools. It was important that we listened carefully to instructions if we are to use the tools safely. The sharp vegetable peelers made very good whittling tools to smooth off the sticks we collected after the storm last week. We also rubbed them with sandpaper and beeswax to make them into smooth handles for our dancing ribbon sticks.
  • How many sleeps until our excursion. Fingers crossed for no rain!!