Term 3 Week 5 Diary

Term 3 Week Five –

  • We kept our fingers crossed all week and it must have worked because both groups made it to the shops and back without getting wet.
  • The visit to the Police Station was very educational as we were able to go into all of the special rooms that held the police equipment – even the gun room!
  • We sat inside the paddy wagon and covered our ears when the siren was on. The holding cell didn’t look very comfortable – we wondered where the pillows were for the bed?
  • Thankyou to everyone at the station who gave us police hats and stickers.
  • Next stop Bakers Delight and wow did it smell delicious. After looking at all the huge pieces of equipment we were allowed to ice and decorate our own finger bun. Yum maybe some bakers in the making.
  • No one had ever been inside a drycleaners shop before. Thankyou to Cathy and Tom for showing us what a difficult job they do. We loved watching the machines in action especially the ‘incredible hulk’ machine.
  • What a wonderful week we had. Now the Home Corner has turned into a shop and we can really fine tune our shopping skills.
  • Many thanks to the parents who helped out on the day. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.