Term 3 Week 6 Diary

Term 3 Week 6 –

  • After our visit to the Police Station we became very interested in solving mysteries and looking for clues.
  • We took a close look at our fingerprints and were surprised to discover that everybody has different fingerprints. We took a copy of our fingerprints so Mrs Ford has a copy on record.
  • Later in the week Mrs Ford discovered that the honey she puts on her porridge had disappeared. It was time to investigate and look for clues. We found some very unusual footprints on the floor, small pieces of brown fur and some very sticky honey trails around the room. We gathered all of the clues and designed Wanted posters to stick around the room. Finally during music time we went on a Bear Hunt. At last the culprit was found – our kindy teddy with very sticky paws. Good investigating kindy children.
  • Our sound this week was Tt. We practised making the sound, writing the letter and then finding words that started with that sound. We are getting very clever.
  • This week we attached colourful ribbons to the stick handles we had whittled. A new weather word we used this week was breezy and the ribbons certainly looked beautiful fluttering in the breeze.
  • Our challenge for the week – learning our parent’s mobile phone number.