Term 3 Week 7 Diary

Term 3 Week 7 at kindy –

  • What a special week we have had talking about our dads and realising how special they are and how much they do for us.
  • The block corner was set up as Dad’s Workshop and the woodwork table was set up on the verandah so there was lots of hammering and banging all week. The constructions that resulted were amazing and Mrs Ford was very impressed by some of our inventions and what they would be used for.
  • Of course we have been busy preparing a special surprise for our dads to open on Sunday as well as writing in the card that we made for him. Come in and have a look at our art work hanging in the room. We wonder if you can recognise which dad is which?
  • On Wednesday and Thursday we had an early start to our day because we invited our dads to come to kindy to have breakfast with us. This gave us the opportunity to show them around and of course cover them in paint. We hope they all enjoyed the visit and had as much fun as we always do.
  • We would like to wish all of our wonderful dads Happy Fathers Day for Sunday and we hope you all get very spoilt.