Term 3 Week 8 Diary

Term 3 Week 8 :

  • Our focus has still been safety this week and looking at the people in our community that help to keep us safe. If you call 000 in an emergency you can contact three different helpers. Now we know why we should try to learn our full name and address so that we can tell people if there is a real emergency. We will keep working hard to learn this information as well as our mum’s mobile telephone numbers.
  • Fire safety was the focus this week and we learnt two very important messages. 1) crawl low under the smoke if the room is on fire 2) stop, drop, cover and roll if our clothes are on fire.
  • We had lots of fun designing and constructing our own fire engines to take home. There are a lot of pieces of equipment hidden away in all of the vehicles.
  • We are finding that holding a pom pom is helping us to hold our pencils correctly when we are doing our writing. This week we have been practising the letter Pp using our straight and curved lines.
  • This is the last week that the Home Corner will be a supermarket. I wonder what it will be next week when we come to kindy??
  • A new sound is arriving at kindy next week. I wonder which one it will be?