Term 3 Week 9 Diary

Term 3 Week 9 in kindy –

  • It is nearly time for the holidays and we are all feeling a little bit tired but kindy just seems to get busier and busier.
  • On Monday we arrived and the Home Corner had turned into a hospital. We had some very sick patients to look after so we have spent the week being doctors and nurses.
  • We have all brought a sick teddy to admit to the hospital. We practised speaking in full sentences to tell the group the name of our teddy and why they had to come to hospital. We made them a special hospital blanket and have set up a record chart to keep an eye on them all.
  • On Monday and Tuesday we had a very special visitor. It was Nurse Clare from Princess Margaret Hospital. She told us lots of very important information about what would happen to us if we ever had to go to hospital. We were allowed to touch and try some of her real hospital equipment like her blood pressure cuff, her crutches and her wheel chair. Nurse Clare also brought a dvd for us to watch about Joel who fell out of a tree and broke his arm. He had to go to hospital but he wasn’t scared at all.
  • Our Family Dance Night is only a week away so we have been practising all of the dance moves we need to teach our guests. We are all looking forward to a night of fun.
  • Teddies have to stay in hospital over the weekend.