Term 4 Week 1 Diary

Term 4 Week 1 –

  • We were so excited to return to kindy after two week holiday and see the sun shining and the garden flourishing. The cabbages we have grown are huge and ready to eat and we grew the perfect carrot – yum!
  • Along with the sunshine and the warmer weather comes the bugs and we noticed a lot more visitors than usual. We became a little confused as to whether the mini beasts were insects or not so we did some research and found out that insects have 6 legs, 3 body parts, antennae, wings and compound eyes. So that we could remember these important facts we used shape blocks to create insects as well as painting an insect to put up onto our Spring board.
  • We are very lucky to have a special visitor from ECU for the first seven weeks of the term. Her name is Ms Reed and we are looking forward to sharing our centre with her and enjoying some fun activities together.
  • Only 10 weeks until our kindergarten journey is finished and we will be ready for Pre-Primary. We have so much fun and learning to get through. We are working very hard to use our listening ears at all times and to enjoy the time we have left with our special friends.
  • What a surprise we had on Friday when we discovered a frog in our pond doing breaststroke. We hope he stays around. Looking forward to Week 2!!