Term 4 Week 2 Diary

Term 4 Week 2 at kindy –

  • We were very excited when a fairy came to visit kindy but it wasn’t a normal fairy it was the Eco Fairy. She talked to us about looking after the world and taking care of nature. We sang some new songs. Our favourite one was “Don’t Forget Your Bags Mum and Dad” which helps to remind our parents to use their recycling bags.
  • We planted a seed with Faerie Cara and now we have to take it home and give it water, sunshine and love and see if it will grow.
  • Recycling was another important message we talked about and so now we are going to try much harder at kindy to recycle our paper and put our food scraps in the compost bin. We did such a good job listening to Faerie Cara’s messages that she gave us all a certificate to show that we are Eco Heroes.
  • Mrs Ford was very proud that we could remember all the things that made an insect an insect. Some people even remembered the tricky words thorax and abdomen. We made an insect out of craft materials. They are buzzing around kindy so come and have a look.
  • We are so lucky to have Miss Reed visiting us at kindy for the next 6 weeks. We are enjoying the great activities we are doing with her. We made some colourful spring flowers out of paper plates. They are already up on our Spring board along with our insects so come in and have a look.
  • There is a lot of intense training happening so that we are ready for our kindy Sports Day. How exciting!!!