Term 4 Week 2

Term 4 Week 2 at Kindy –

  • This week we have been having lots of fun. We were very lucky to get a visit from some eggs that had been laid by a hen at the farm. We were excited to watch the eggs hatch inside the incubator which acts as the hen nesting on her eggs. We are surprised how much the chicks have grown this week. The chicks may want to have a play so next week we will have a chance to have a hold and see how soft they are.
  • This week we have been investigating the life cycle of a chicken, as it is another animal that hatches from an egg. We learnt that the mother nests and keep its eggs warm for 21 days, which is 3 weeks’.
  • There is a lot of activity in the playground as we get ready for our Sports Day in week 4. The weather has been up and down so we can’t always get outside so fingers crossed for a sunny week next week.
  • Well done to everyone who has been practising how to write their numbers. Mrs Ford felt very proud when she saw how well we are doing.
  • We continued to practice our Nn sound this week and look forward to learning our new sound Cc next week.
  • Thankyou to Mrs Perrie who looked after us when Mrs Ford was away. We had lots of fun together. We are also very lucky to have Miss Kent spending 4 weeks with us in kindy. We are looking forward to doing some exciting activities together.
  • We wonder how much the chicks will grow over the weekend?