Term 4 Week 3 Diary

Term 4 Week 3 at kindy –

  • When we arrived at kindy this week there was a large cocoon in the Home Corner. There were also some caterpillar costumes and beautiful butterfly wings. We have had a lot of fun dressing up and acting out the story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”
  • The obstacle course this week was designed and constructed by a group of our kindy friends. They did a great job coming up with some new ideas and the plan they drew helped us to follow what we had to do. Hopefully it will help us to get fit and strong for our Sports Day.
  • We have been looking at symmetry this week. We made a special painting that involved blobs of paint and folding paper to create a wonderful symmetrical painting. Then we looked at butterfly wings that are also symmetrical so we attempted to colour our own butterfly with wings that are exactly the same.
  • The weather is slowly changing and we are enjoying observing the changes we can see and feel. We are thinking of new words to describe the weather such as chilly, breezy and shiny.
  • The teachers keep trying to trick us when we are counting but we are too clever. We know that if we count a group of objects and we move their position without adding or taking any away then we do not have to recount it will still be the same number.
  • Ssshh we have made caterpillars and cocoons and now they are hanging up in kindy. Fingers crossed they will turn into butterflies in a couple of weeks.
  • We are wondering which lifecycle we will look at next week.