Term 4 Week 4 Diary

Term 4 Week 4 –
• What makes an insect an insect? That was the question we looked at this week. We discovered by listening to songs, reading books and looking at pictures that insects 1. have six legs, 2. have three body parts, 3. have antennae 4. have special eyes 5. most of them have wings.
• Using this information we also discovered that spiders are not insects – why?? – because spiders have eight legs!
• We had a lot of fun creating an insect of our own using craft materials we had to keep the above information in mind. We also painted a picture of an insect to go onto our Spring board. Come in and see if we have remembered what makes an insect an insect.
• We have been doing a lot of fun activities with Miss Kent. On the mat we were learning about groups and how you group things by looking at the similarities. Once we have decided this we had to give the group a name.
• Mrs Ford was so surprised when we started segmenting and blending three letter words – we are getting better every day. We used the reading blocks to help us to remember the initial. medial and final sounds. Pre-Primary here we come.
• Friday was a huge day as we enjoyed getting both kindy groups together for our Sports Day. We all did very well but most of all we all had lots of FUN!!!