Term 4 Week 4 Diary

Term 4 Week 4 at kindy –

  • The weeks are just flying by and before we know it we will be heading off to Pre-Primary. This week we have been investigating another Lifecycle of a creature that also hatches out of an egg. This time the eggs look like jelly and out of them hatches a tadpole. The tadpole changes and grows quickly into a frog. We learnt some interesting new words such as froglet. That is a frog that still has a tail.
  • The song we are learning called “Tadpole Blues” is about a tadpole that doesn’t want to change into a frog. Doing the actions is a lot of fun.
  • We used egg cartons to create samples of a Frog Lifecycle with Miss Reed. We worked as a team and we are proud of how well they turned out.
  • The sun has started to shine on kindy and so we were able to spend time outside digging and constructing. We dug out a huge moat around the tyre in the sandpit and filled it with water. If we were quick we could sail our boats in it before the water disappeared.
  • Our new sound this week is Nn. We have practiced saying it and writing it. Our new N words included newt and nightingale.
  • Friday is our Sports Day and we are very excited. We have trained hard and we are looking forward to fun and games at the park.
  • We are wondering what will come out of an egg next week?