Term 4 Week 5 Diary

Term 4 Week 5 at Kindy –

  • This week we have been having lots of fun. We were very lucky to get a visit from some eggs that had been laid by a hen at the farm. We were excited to watch the eggs hatch inside the incubator which acts as the hen nesting on her eggs. We watched carefully how much the chicks have grown this week. The chicks wanted to have a play so we had a chance to have a hold and see how soft they are.
  • This week we have been investigating the life cycle of a chicken, as it is another animal that hatches from an egg. We learnt that the mother nests and keep its eggs warm for 21 days, which is 3 weeks’. We also made predictions of what we thought would come out of the eggs and carefully drew observational drawings of the chicks and decorated them with tissue paper.
  • We read a new story about a chick called Chicken Licken who thinks the sky is falling down. We loved writing letters to tell Chicken Licken that the sky wasn’t really falling down and we were very lucky to get a letter in reply. We also enjoyed acting out the story, using masks.
  • We continued to practice our Nn sound this week and look forward to learning our new sound Cc next week. I wonder what will come out of our surprise bag next week?
  • We enjoyed making play dough with Mrs Thompson and Mrs O’Brien. We followed a recipe and then used the play dough to create a chick to take home.
  • We wonder how much the chicks will grow over the weekend?