Being a Community Kindergarten and geographically separate from a whole school situation, we at Hillary’s Community Kindergarten are able to make choices about our finances that are specifically aimed to benefit the kindergarten children in our care.

The management of the kindy is shared between members of the Parent Committee, and officers of the Department of Education & Training. The Parent Committee, with guidance and support from the head teacher, is responsible for the financial management and the day-to-day operation of the kindy.

The government recognises community kindergartens as an integral part of early childhood programs and supports them (through the Department of Education & Training) with an operating grant, the employment of teachers and education assistants as well as the appointment of a Senior Curriculum Officer with responsibility for Community Kindergartens.

Our enrolment fee is $60 per year (which is the same as all government school kindergartens). This is a voluntary contribution. We do not have a booklist as all materials are provided by the kindy.

Each year the elected Parent Committee holds a vote as to whether to do fundraising or to have an additional voluntary contribution for new equipment and special activities. If a voluntary contribution is voted for at the beginning of the year, no additional funds or fundraising activities are requested. The 2016 additional voluntary contribution was voted for and set at $50 per term.

Each year we print kindy t-shirts – these are not required but are an optional extra and are available from the head teacher at a cost of $15 per t-shirt should you wish to purchase one.