Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Kindy Diary – Week 1 / Term 3

Term 3 Week 1 :

  • What a busy week. We really made up for having two weeks holiday and filled the week full of learning and fun.
  • We would like to welcome our new additions to the Seals and the Dolphins. They both did a fabulous job settling in and Mrs Ford was very proud of the way we looked after them.
  • On Mon/Tues we enjoyed dramatising the story of The Three Little Pigs. We used masks to become the characters in the story and there were three houses for us to play in as well. We have some budding actors in our kindy group.
  • In the afternoon we were very surprised when Mrs Ford gave us some mud to play in and make mud paintings with. It was even more of a surprise when we were allowed to lick our fingers after we had finished painting. Um this mud tastes very much like chocolate???
  • On Wed/Thurs we had a very special visitor. It was the Big Bad Wolf – don’t worry he was on his best behaviour. We talked to him about being a better friend, not chasing the pigs all the time and definitely not eating them. We even suggested a healthier diet he may like to try such as vegetable soup.  By the time he left we were calling him The Big Good Wolf.  In the afternoon we wrote him a letter to remind him what we had talked about.
  • We also brought our special cuddly friends to kindy on Wed/Thurs. It was fun introducing them to Twiggle and building them a house to live in in the block corner.
  • We are looking forward to next week when we are talking about the houses we live in.