Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Kindy Diary – Week 4 / Term 3

Term 3 Week 4 at kindy

  • There is a traffic jam on the Community Board. We have made ‘land’ vehicles to drive up and down Seal Circle and Dolphin Drive. This means that they all needed wheels so that they could move. Come in and have a look at our work.
  • We also made a vehicle out of boxes – they also had to have wheels. We are very proud of the designs we created.
  • There were vehicles everywhere in kindy this week and we worked together as a team to construct some ‘big box cars that we can play with in the playground. They have wheels, a steering wheel, headlights, brake lights and a number plate. We will share them as a group as we all helped to make them.
  • Our sound for this week was I/i . This is a very tricky sound because it can make different sounds at the beginning of a word such as i – insect and i – ice. We will keep practising it next week. It is easy for us to write because it is just a straight line.
  • Two lucky friends were chosen to be the first people to take home a kindy pet for a whole week. We are looking forward to hearing of their adventures when they return to kindy next week. We hope they behave!