Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 1 Week 10 Diary

Term 1 Week 10 at kindy –

  • The first term of our kindy journey has whizzed by and already we are looking forward to our first set of holidays. It has been a very busy term because we have met so many new friends and learnt so many new routines.
  • Mrs Ford and Mrs Kalma are so proud of us. We have worked so hard to listen carefully and learn as much as we can. We already know how to treat our friends in our group and share the kindy toys nicely.
  • For the last two weeks we have been looking at the Aboriginal culture and how it is different to ours even though we all live in Australia.
  • We have tried our hand at Aboriginal art work with dot painting and rock painting. We even tried writing some Aboriginal symbols in the red sand tray.
  • This week was the last week of Funky Fitness. We have had so much fun with Miss Dale and we already feel that our tummies are stronger and we are working hard to cross our mid-line.
  • Wow we have picked up the concept of syllables really well with most of us able to tap out the syllables even in really tricky words that have four and five syllables.
  • Thankyou to Avery, Kairi, Evan, Luna, Sophie and Saleem for telling us about the countries of the world where their families come from. It is interesting to see that these countries are not all the same as Australia and they also have different flags.
  • We hope that all of our amazing children have a relaxing, safe holiday and we look forward to seeing you back in Term 2 for another term of fun, friendship and learning.