Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 1 Week 2

Term 1 Week 2 at kindy –

  • We were all very excited about staying at kindy for the whole day this week and having lunch in our lunch boxes with our friends.
  • We have been looking at our faces this week. We looked in the little mirrors and noticed that we all have eyes, nose, mouths, hair etc but we all look different. Then it was time to draw a face and only draw the things we could see in the mirror.
  • The activities we practised this week like threading cereal loops onto a stick and balancing marbles onto a golf tee are all going to help our fingers get stronger and will help us when we have to pick up our pencils to learn how to write.It was so much fun when we got out the musical instruments and used them to represent the movements in our new song “You Gotta Get Up.” The four movements were walking, skipping (very tricky), creeping and running. We also learnt a song called “Hello Neighbour” which is a nice welcome song to sing with our new friends.
  • It has also been very exciting to meet two new kindy friends – Sassy the Skunk and Mr Sticky the stick insect. Sassy is only a baby so she has to sleep for a lot of the day but likes to help out with our learning as well as to get a cuddle at the end of the day. Mr Sticky just pretends to be a stick all day and doesn’t really like cuddles but sometimes likes us to spray him with water.
  • I wonder what Mrs Ford has planned next week?