Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 1 Week 3

Term 1 Week 3 at Kindy

  • We have been doing the washing and hanging it on the line to dry. The wringing out of the water and the opening of the pegs is making our fingers strong for holding our pencils and scissors.
  • It is only week 3 and we are already starting to learn to read. When we listen carefully we can hear how many words are in the sentence. We have jumped across the reading mat counting out the words.
  • This week we discovered that even though we all have the same body parts such as arms and legs, we are all different. We are also all special. We have made a picture of ourselves to put up on the kindy board. Come in and see my picture and meet all of my kindy friends.
  • It has been interesting to discover what a graph is and we made a graph to show what colour eyes we all have. Green is definitely the most common colour in the Dolphins. In the Seals it is a draw between blue and brown. Then we measured how tall we are using the plastic blocks to build a tower the same height as we are. We made a graph to show how many blocks each person measured. We can easily see that Jai is one of our tall friends.
  • The Dolphins are very excited because they are coming to kindy on Friday to meet Mrs Kalma and work with her for the whole day. Your turn next week Seals.