Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 1 Week 4 Diary

Term 1 Week 4 at kindy –

  • Mrs Ford brought her beach bag to kindy this week. She had all the things in it to stay safe at the beach such as sunscreen, hat, drink bottle, rashie and thongs. She put all of her beach clothes on but when she went outside it started to rain … poor Mrs Ford. Instead we made a beach inside kindy and we had lots of fun building sandcastles in the sand pit. Hillarys is a beach community and so we have spent time this week learning about fun in the sun but also how it can be dangerous if we don’t protect ourselves.
  • We also learnt about staying safe in the ocean and swimming between the flags. We know that Life Guards are there to help us and we need to wave our arms above our heads if we need help.
  • The playdough this week was ‘sand’ playdough so we really enjoyed pressing the shells into the dough and making shell patterns in it.
  • Mrs Ford’s sandcastle just fell apart when she tipped it out of the bucket. Mrs Ford you have to add water to the sand to make a good sandcastle. We had a competition to see who could build the best sand castle. Mrs Ford said we are all winners.
  • We are working hard counting the number of words in a sentence as well as recognising our numbers 1-5.