Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 1 Week 5

Term 1 Week 5 at kindy

  • Where oh where is Mrs Ford? Could that be her hopping around on crutches. Luckily we have Mrs Bausor and Mrs Kalma to work with us and we are having lots of fun together.
  • We used popsticks to create a house like the one we live in. Inside the house we drew all of the people in our family who live in our house with us.
  • Mrs Ford brought in some of her favourite flowers – sunflowers. We had to look at the flowers very carefully and decided which shapes we could see and which colours we could see. Then we used our paints to paint what we could see.
  • This week we discovered the sound that our names begin with. Some people listened so well that they can also tell us the sounds that their friend’s names begin with as well. We will keep practising our sounds as well as clapping out the number of words in a sentence.
  • Syllables – how many syllables do you have in your name? We tapped out our names so that we could hear the syllables.
  • We talked about feeling angry and sad. Come and see our faces hanging in kindy.
  • Now we have a long weekend before another week filled with learning. Wear your walking shoes next week for a walk in the park. Also we will have some fun with Funky Fitness.