Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 1 Week 8 Diary

Term 1 Week 8 at kindy –

  • Footprints, fluff, carrot and a burrow. What has been going on at kindy over the weekend? Somebody has been visiting but we were not sure who so we had to have a good look at the clues. When we compared the footprints we could see that it wasn’t one of our kindy friends. Who eats carrots and lives in a burrow? Could it really be the Easter Bunny?
  • Just in case he decides to come back for another visit we decided to make an Easter basket using our fine motor skills to snip, tear and paint.
  • We also spent time practising hunting for eggs as well as counting the eggs we found and putting them into baskets. Mrs Ford is very proud when we can remember the name of our numbers 1-5.
  • We are also becoming Word Stars. Each day we find some new words in the stories that we read. So that we can use these words when we talk we are spending time learning what they mean. Our words for this week were burrow, tossing and curious.
  • Syllables is another new word we have been using. So far we have been breaking our names into syllables. Our body helps us to count the number of syllables.
  • We stayed very quiet at the end of the day and GUESS WHAT our visitor returned and filled our Easter baskets with eggs – yum !!!
  • Now we have a big break to enjoy our delicious treats. Don’t eat too many eggs everybody.