Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 1 Week 9

Term 1 Week 9 at kindy

  • This week we have been learning about the first Australians, Aboriginal Australians. We looked at some special aspects of Aboriginal culture, including bush tucker, dreamtime stories, modern Aboriginal music, traditional music, traditional Aboriginal dance and the meaning of the Aboriginal flag, symbols and art.
  • During music we used tapping sticks and watched a film clip of Aboriginal children leanring to dance in a traditional way, with an elder keeping the beat using tapping sticks. We also had our last Funky Fitness with Noisy Nat, she brought her parachute, it was so much fun! We also began learning an echo song with Mrs Langley called ‘Down by the Bay’. We echo each lime of the song and then get to make a funny rhyme at the end of each verse like: “Have you ever seen a whale with a polka dot tail?!” This is fun to try at home with different animals too.
  • We have enjoyed playing in the outback bush camp in the home corner, taking shelter in the humpy, cooking bush tucker on the campfire, and using dot painting to create handprints on a ‘rock wall’.
  • We have been playing some fun games to help us practise speaking in full sentences.
  • We have also been practising tapping out syllables o our bodies and counting them like ‘tiger’ (ti-ger = 2 syllables). We find one syllable words a bit tricky sometimes.
  • Thank you to all the parents who have helped on roster this week and also to all the parents who have shared their family’s culture with the class. We have tried some delicious food from different cultures in our kindy, seen some fantastic traditional clothing and discovered many interesting differences.