Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 2 Week 1

Term 2 Week 1

  • Welcome back everyone and we hope you are feeling refreshed and ready for a term filled with fun and learning.
  • Mrs Ford hopped back in on her crutches this week but she is walking more and more on just her boot so we are sure she will be back to full steam very soon. It was lovely to see Mrs Bausor back at kindy this week playing the role of Mrs Ford’s legs.
  • We met a very important friend this week. His name is Twiggle and he lives inside a shell. Can you guess what he is? Yes he is a turtle and he is feeling sad that he doesn’t have any friends. In fact he doesn’t even know what a friend is! Luckily we are very good at being friends so we helped him to learn that friends1.   play together;
    2.   help each other and
    3.   share.
  • To show Twiggle what good friends we are we had a special Friendship Day. We each got a friendship sticker and then we had to find the person that had a sticker that was the same shape and colour. That person was our special friend for the day. We worked together, played together, shared our fruit, wrote a letter to each other and baked a Friendship cookie for them. It was a fabulous day and we think Twiggle learnt a lot about being a friend.
  • What a surprise we had when we saw our vegetable garden. It is amazing and we look forward to feasting on the healthy vegetables we have grown. To start with we sampled some healthy kale chips … yum!!