Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 2 Week 10 Diary.

Term 2 Week 10 at kindy –

  • This week we spent time as scientists investigating the properties of water. We learnt some new words such as solid, liquid, gas, evaporate and dissolve. Our favourite part was when we used boiling water to dissolve the jelly crystals and then put the liquid in the fridge to turn it into a wobbly solid – yummy jelly.
  • Our sound this week belonged to our friends Thomas, Tyler and Tayla. It’s the letter T. We can make a big letter T with our fingers and we found it quite easy to write because it is made up of two straight lines.
  • Miss Burn has built a boat in the Home Corner and we spent time this week adding features to the boat. We came up with some great ideas such as port holes, anchor and flags. Now we can have lots of fun sailing it around kindy.
  • Phil visited again this week so we have been very busy learning our dances for the Bush Dance next week. Heel, toe, heel, toe that’s quite tricky so we will have to keep practicing. We hope the mums and dads will be able to keep up.
  • Only one last week left of term. It is Miss Burns last week so we know we will have lots of fun!!