Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 2 Week 4 Diary

Term 2 Week 4 at kindy –

  • We read one of Mrs Ford’s favourite stories this week. The title of the story is “The Rainbow Fish”. In the story the Rainbow Fish learnt how to share and how to be a good friend. At first he didn’t want to share his scales because he wanted to look beautiful. Sadly though he didn’t have any friends. The Wise Old Octopus told him that in order to be happy he needed to share. When he started to share his scales with the other fish in the ocean he felt true happiness for the first time.  We are always trying to share at kindy so maybe that’s why we feel happy.
  • It was fun printing some paper to make it look like a rainbow. We designed a rainbow pattern on a piece of bubble wrap and then used it to print the paper. Then we traced, cut, stuffed and stapled to make our own Rainbow Fish to hang in the Home Corner. Come in and have a look at our beautiful coloured work.
  • We have a new friend in kindy. He is blue with a beautiful tail and lives in a tank of water. He is a Japanese Fighting Fish and we have been looking at him closely to see how his body is different to ours. We also looked at a whole pink snapper that someone had caught. We could see his scales, fins and gills as well as the bones inside his body. It was interesting to look at him but we weren’t too keen about his smell.
  • We are working hard to hold our pencils correctly and trace over our names on our name cards. We are also practising drawing straight lines that go from left to right.
  • Next week we will stay in the ocean and read more about the Rainbow Fish.