Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 2 Week 5 Weekly Diary

Term 2 Week 5 at kindy –

  • Kindy has started to transform this week into an underwater playground. There are fish swimming through the Home Corner and coral hanging down the sides of the underwater caves. Come in and have a look at our wonderful art work that involved printing, tracing and cutting.
  • On the kindy board you can see our beautiful octopus with ….. how many legs are there? Come and see and see how well we counted up to 8.
  • A book that we really enjoyed this week was called “Rainbow Fish to the Rescue.”  It made us think about our feelings and how we treat our friends. All of the fish in the story learnt not to leave anyone out of their game because it hurts their feelings. We are going to try to remember that at kindy as well.
  • There were feeling faces around kindy this week. Hopefully we spend more time feeling happy at kindy. We did spend the afternoon talking about feeling angry. Mrs Ford said that everyone feels angry sometimes and that is ok but we are not allowed to hurt anyone because we are angry. Look on the photo frame in the window and see our angry faces. We made bricks with angry feelings on so that we can make an angry wall.