Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 2 Week 7 Diary

Term 2 Week 7 –

  • This week we have been busy designing and constructing a vehicle that would float in the water. Our boats turned out very well thanks to the help from Mrs Thompson and Mrs O’Brien and their trusty glue gun. Next week they will set out on their maiden voyage. We will measure our boats to see if the size determines which boats float the best.
  • As authors we have just started writing of our second book. It is titled “Here is the Sea.” We are also the illustrators so we will be very busy next week finishing all the pages. Then we are going to practise our reading and our work will be done.
  • Kindy was a little noisy this week because we had the workmen outside replacing our rusty pagola. Luckily our listening ears worked really well and we were able to continue with our learning. The outside area will look amazing once it is finished. The playground was out of bounds so we went for an adventure down to the playground outside the kindy fence. We had so much fun swinging on the flying fox and swinging high on the swings. Then we went for a lovely stroll around the lake to see which birds were around at this time of the year. Thankyou to the weather which filled our days with beautiful sunshine.
  • A short but busy week filled with fun and learning.