Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 2 Week 8 Diary

Term 2 Week 8 at kindy –

  • Floating and sinking. We have been investigating these concepts this week with Ms Burn. We had to predict to decide which objects would float and which would sink. Some of the objects were tricky because we thought they would sink and they didn’t. We were surprised to find out that it is not always the heavy objects that sink.
  • We used the boxes and the collage materials to try to design a vehicle that would float in the water trolley. They all floated when we first put them in but we weren’t sure they would always be able to float once they got soggy.
  • Ms Burn introduced a new letter. Lexie the snake came back with two of her friends to help her. It took all three snakes to make the capital letter A. We hunted around kindy to find all of their ‘A’ toys. So we would remember the shape of the letter we filled our letter “A’s with apples.
  • We are trying to keep our bodies very fit and healthy so we helped to chop up lots of vegetables to make a ‘super salad’ to enjoy at our ‘super salad picnic in the sun’.  Munch, munch what a delicious treat. Some children ate all of their super salad. Mrs Ford was very proud of all of the children who tried a new vegetable. We will look in our lunch boxes each day to see what healthy treats we can find.
  • What messy fun we had making ‘goop’ at kindy with cornflour and water. Might try that recipe at home.