Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 2 Week 9 Diary

Term 2 week 9 at kindy –

  • We sailed into kindy this week to investigate boats and the different type of boats that people use. We decided to design a boat of our own by using a milk carton as a base because we found that they can float. Boats need to float. We then added lots of different pieces of collage material to create a boat that was different to our friends. We had row boats, sail boats, fishing boats and ocean liners.
  • Our next job was to see if our boat would actually float…. yes they all did.
  • Miss Burn read us a story called “Who Sank the Boat?”

Did the little mouse really sink the boat? No Miss Burn it was all the animals together that sank the boat.

  • This week we have been looking at the settings in our story books. This is where the story takes place. We painted a setting page for our story about a boat. The pictures included water, sand, rocks, grass and trees. We didn’t paint any characters in our pictures.
  • Small, middle sized and big. We have been sizing groups of objects using these terms. This week we stood with two of our friends and so we could decide who was the biggest, the smallest and then the person in the middle. We used tape to measure how tall we were. We have grown since February.