Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 3 Week 1 Diary

Term 3 Week 1 :

  • It was so nice to come back to kindy and see all of our special friends. Everyone came back in one piece which is exactly what Mrs Ford asked us to do.
  • Inside we had some exciting new areas to play in such as the Puppet Theatre. Everyone had fun taking turns on the stage and using all of the different puppets. Sometimes we need to have a turn being the audience. Listening is very important as well as speaking.
  • We revisited The Three Little Pigs this week because we are looking at houses and how different people and creatures build different house to live in. They also use different materials to build their houses. Of course we remembered that the three pigs used straw, sticks and bricks. The brick house was definitely the strongest.
  • The book we read called “The Pig in the Pond” was about a pig swimming in water. We thought that pigs only liked mud. We investigated some mud that Mrs Ford brought in using our five senses. We didn’t really want to taste the mud but when we did … umm it tasted a lot like chocolate.
  • What a surprise we had when a very special visitor arrived at kindy. It was the Big Bad Wolf. We wanted to talk to him about how he has been treating the Three Little Pigs. He was very well behaved and listened carefully when we suggested different things to eat. We also talked to him about being a good friend (something that we know a lot about). Next time he visits we hope that we will be able to call him the Big Good Wolf.
  • Next week we are going to look at the house that we live in and what it is built out of.