Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 3 Week 2 Diary

Term 3 Week 2 :

  • We all brought in a photograph of our houses this week so that we could look at them and see what type of materials they were made out of and what they looked like from the outside. We noticed that no one had a house made out of straw or sticks.
  • Our first job was to look carefully at the photograph and then draw a picture of what we could see. We included windows and doors.
  • Then we took a cardboard box and made a box construction that looked like our house. Some people used bricks, some render then there were tiles on the roof and some people had tin.
  • A surprise visitor was our friend Twiggle the Turtle. He was not very happy and would not come out of his shell. Finally his book explained that he was feeling very ashamed of himself because he was having trouble controlling his feelings of anger when things went wrong. He became so angry that he hurt his friend Henrietta by pushing her onto the blocks.
  • Twiggle had to visit the Wise Old Turtle. He taught him how to do the Turtle. When you are feeling very angry you must 1. Stop 2. Breathe 3. Tell the person what the problem is. If he did the Turtle he did not hurt any of his friends.
  • We have all learnt how to do the Turtle as well so that when we are feeling angry we will know what to do. We made a turtle to take home so that we could teach our whole family.
  • There was lots of construction happening in the sandpits this week as we investigated the best way to create walls so that we could build houses.