Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term 4 Week 7 Diary

Term 4 Week 7 –

  • What a surprise faced us when we arrived at kindy this week. There was a Christmas scene dancing across our kindy wall. All that was missing were Santa’s little helpers. We painted pictures of ourselves and made Christmas elf hats and there we all are helping out Santa at the North Pole. Come in and see how magical it looks.
  • It’s beginning to look and sound a lot like Christmas as we busily prepare for our Christmas concerts. We are decorating the whole centre and hope that our parents enjoy the night as much as we have enjoyed preparing for it.
  • Our sound this week was mmmmmm – what a delicious sound it is. We are working very hard to remember what sound each letter makes and how we write it. So far we have looked at s,a,t,p,i,n,c,h and now m so we can even start to make some simple words like cat and sat.
  • It is important that we keep using our numbers to count everyday and that we give each object in the group only one number. Some children are doing very well learning and recognising their teen numbers.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday we hosted some very special little visitors. It was the children who will be coming to kindy in 2018 when we go to Pre-Primary. They looked very small but they seemed to enjoy doing some of our special activities with us and they even joined in some of our singing. We hope they enjoyed their visits.