Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Term Two Week 6 Diary Page

Term Two Week 6 at kindy –

  • Monday was another fun filled day with Educated by Nature. The Seals had their turn building cubbies, creating potions and using their imaginations. Once again we were so lucky because the sun shone down on us. Thankyou Educated by Nature for two fun filled days.
  • Listening, listening, listening! Our ears are working so hard at kindy at the moment. We are listening to hear initial sounds, compound words and rhyming words. Mrs Ford is very proud of us all for being able to remember all of this information.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday we investigate floating and sinking. First of all we predicted whether or not an object would float or sink and then we tested them in the water. It is very interesting that some very big things could float and some very small things sank. We also read the story “Who Sank the Boat?” and then tried to decide who actually did sink the boat? The next question Mrs Ford asked us is how can you make an orange sink?
  • Twiggle the Turtle got into a little bit of trouble this week when he pushed Henrietta onto the blocks after she knocked down his block tower. He was so angry his teacher sent him to see the Wise Old Turtle. He taught Twiggle how to do the Turtle and then Twiggle taught us. When you are very angry with someone you should 1. Stop 2. Take a deep breathe 3. Tell the person what the problem is and how it makes you feel. We made a turtle to remind us to do the Turtle whenever we feel angry.
  • We will teach our families when we take our turtle home.