Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Weekly Diary Term 1 Week 5

Weekly Diary for Week 5 :

  • We are working very hard to practise our reading. We are listening carefully and trying to count the number of words we can hear in a sentence.
  • We also discovered that we each have a special letter that our name starts with. We are special so our letters are BIG!  The letter makes a special sound so we are learning the sound that our letter makes.
  • This week we talked about our family and the people who live in our house with us. It was interesting to discover that some people’s families are different than ours.
  • We printed a picture of our house, drew pictures of our family and glued them into our house.  You can see them hanging in kindy.
  • We are doing a lot of counting in kindy so we are trying to learn what the numbers 1-5 look like. Some people even started to name the numbers up to 10 . Wow!!
  • We are all really enjoying our yoga sessions with Bettina. It is making our bodies stronger so that when we practise our balancing there are no ‘jelly bellies!”
  • Did you see how fast we were running in the obstacle course?
  • Another busy week with lots of learning.