Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Weekly Diary Term 2 Week 1.

Term 2 Week 1 at kindy –

  • It was so nice to come back to kindy and see all of our kindy friends again. It was a lovely sunny week so we could spend lots of time outside in the fresh air.
  • The week was filled with making new friends. We met a turtle called Twiggle who didn’t even know what a friend was. We read a special book and found out that friends – play, help and share.
  • We then played a game called “Musical Friends.” We each got a friendship sticker and we had to find someone who had exactly the same sticker as we had. That person was our ‘special’ friend for the day. We played together, ate lunch together, wrote letters to each other and baked friendship cookies together as well What a wonderful day we all had.
  • When we came back to kindy Twiggle was looking very sad. He kept getting angry and hurting his friends Daphne the Duck, Henrietta the Hedgehog and Duke the Dog. He went to visit the Wise Old Turtle who taught him to do ‘The Turtle” whenever he was feeling angry. Twiggle taught us to do it as well so hopefully we can use it at home when we get mad.
  • We met our new teacher Miss Malinovic and had lots of fun making patterns with her.