Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Weekly Diary Term 2 Week 4.

Term 2 Week 4 at kindy –

  • We swam into week four with our underwater theme. “The Rainbow Fish” was a very popular story especially when we saw how happy he was when he learnt how to share. We are practising our sharing all the time at kindy.
  • The Home Corner has an underwater cave where the Wise Old Octopus lives and we have had lots of fun with the fish costumes. They also came in handy for some of the new songs we were singing in music.
  • Something else that is new will be a home for new members of our kindy group. It is filled with water so we wonder what it is going to be? We can’t wait until next week to see if they have arrived.
  • Would you believe we had a ‘real’ fish in kindy this week to have a look at. We are trying to decide how we are different from fish and how we are the same. We will be using these terms quite regularly over the next few weeks – same and different.
  • Miss Burn spent time with us investigating colours and how they change when we mix them together. We also conducted an experiment with a glass, water and a piece of white paper to make a rainbow. It was so interesting.