Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Weekly Diary Term 2 Week 5.

Term 2 Week 5 at kindy –

  • Well done to all of the children who practised their Event News at home. Mrs Ford was entertained with some very interesting stories. The children are really trying hard to speak in full sentences so well done families.
  • It was fun to read the next instalment of The Rainbow Fish this week. Now that he had shared his scales he had lots of friends to play with. The children went through a range of emotions listening to the story – happy that the Rainbow Fish had friends; sad that they didn’t include the new fish in their game; frightened when a shark swam onto the reef and angry when the shark tried to eat the fish.
  • We have been talking about octopus this week and we were very careful when we made a ‘paper bag’ octopus that we only gave it eight legs (come and see them on the Ocean Board.)
  • We also took care when threading strips of seaweed and coral.
  • The Surprise Box was introduced by Mrs Ford and we are all very excited about having our turn to bring in a surprise from home to show to our friends. The names are in the bag and the lucky dip will begin.
  • We have been learning about continuant sounds – s, l, and m and Mrs Ford is very impressed about how well we can sort her sound pictures into the correct sound. I wonder what the sound will be next week.
  • We hope you all had fun at the Open Day on Saturday and we are so glad no one blew away.