Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Weekly Diary Term 2 Week 7.

Week 7 at kindy –

  • “Here is the sea, the wavy sea” is a song that most of us knew from Playschool. We have decided to make a book about the song. We started with the title page and the name of the illustrator which is us. When we have completed the illustrations I think we will be able to read it to our friends.
  • It was nice this week to create a group painting on the big white table. We worked as a team and everyone had to add what they think they would see under the ocean. We could see fish, sharks, seaweed and lots of other things. The picture became very busy and very soon the colours all started to mix together and we ended up with a big puddle of mud.
  • At the end of the obstacle course this week we had to create the letter ‘s’ using a container of stones. We know that it looks like a snake but it was quite tricky.
  • We all ended up with the giggles when we tried to find words that rhymed with our name. What a lot of funny words we made.
  • What a lovely, sunny week with lots of time for digging, sand and water.