Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Weekly Diary Term 2 Week 8

Term 2 Week 8 –

  • Who would have believed that water could be magic – it can change shape and it can change it’s form. We saw water as a liquid that could pour then as a solid when it came out of the freezer and then we saw it as a gas as it came out of the kettle.
  • The different coloured water that we put into 4 cups could also walk along the strips of paper towel and then when the colours met they made a new colour.
  • We set up another science experiment in the afternoon that is going to take a little more time. We place a raw egg into a jar that was filled with another liquid – vinegar. We put the lid on tightly and now we have to watch and wait. The colour of the egg shell has changed but we won’t be able to see if the feel has changed until next week so stay tuned.
  • A story that we read this week was called “A Fish Out of Water.” We all could tell Mrs Ford that a fish needs water to stay alive. We enjoyed listening to Otto’s adventures when his little boy fed him a whole box of fish food. We certainly won’t feed our goldfish that much. We listened very carefully to the story and so we were able to sequence the story pictures in the correct order when Mrs Ford muddled them up.
  • Walter Waterdrop sent his posters to kindy to remind us that we must not waste water. We are a Waterwise Kindergarten so we must remember his messages.
  • Gosh the term is almost over with only 2 weeks to go !