Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Weekly Diary Term 2 Week 9

Term 2 Week 9-

  • This week we learnt about compound words. They are words you can make when you join two short words together to make one long word. It helped us to learn about compound words when we sang the Compound Boogie.
  • Mrs Ford thinks we are getting very good at reading so we had three sentences to read this week. One of them was a question so we remembered to put a question mark at the end of it.
  • We were very excited to open our science experiment this week and find out what had happened to our raw egg that has been sitting in vinegar for a week. Surprise, surprise the egg had turned into a ‘jelly’ egg and now it felt like it was made out of rubber with no shell.
  • We have been talking about water over the last few weeks and so we decided to see if we could make some grass seeds grow if we gave them plenty of water. We have made a Mr Grassy Head each with seeds on the top of his head. We are hoping that if we water them every day then the seeds will grow and he will have lovely grassy hair.
  • Cat, hat, bat, mat do we still remember what a rhyming word is. We played a game of rhyming bingo and then we had to try to match the rhyme picture cards.
  • Only one week to go “Ahoy there” I wonder who will visit kindy next week??