Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Weekly Diary Term 3 Week 3

Term 3 Week 3 at kindy –

  • We have completed our box constructions that represent our houses. They are up on our Community Board so come in and have a look. Now we are trying to remember the number of the house we live in and then the name of the street. Mrs Ford will be very proud if we can remember our address.
  • Another challenge is trying to remember the mobile phone number of our mum. That is a lot of numbers to remember but knowing it might help us one day. It is also very good exercise for our brain if we can recall large numbers.
  • We had a wonderful treat earlier in the week when we had a visit from Constable Care. He presented his puppet show that was teaching us what to do in an emergency. Now we know that we only ring 000 if someone is in danger and it is a real emergency. If we just need some help from the Police we call 131 444. Constable Care is very helpful in lots of different situations and now we know how to contact him if we need.
  • What budding engineers we had in kindy this week. We used pegs, binder clips, small cups and popsticks to create some wonderful structures. It took a lot of care and balance to ensure that our buildings didn’t fall down.
  • Next week we will discover what else we will put on our Community Board.