Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary

Term 3 Week 5 at kindy

  • The Home Corner has changed this week and we have been having fun whilst we learn about shopping and money in the kindy supermarket.

Kindy Shopping

  • We have talked about some new words when we looked in Mrs Ford’s shopping bag and tried to decide which shop she bought each item from. She didn’t visit the supermarket so we needed to use words like butcher, green grocer, chemist and newsagency. Next time we go to the shopping centre we will see if we can find these shops.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday everyone arrived at kindy with great excitement. At last the day when we were visiting the Police Station and the Shopping Centre had finally arrived. We had our fingers crossed for a whole week for sunny weather but in the end it really didn’t matter because it was an amazing day despite a few showers. Mrs Ford said that she was very proud of the way we had all behaved.
  • At the Police Station we met Police Officer Ash. We went inside the lock up, the interview room and we saw our friends on the television. We even had our fingerprints taken. Then we went outside and sat in the Police car and in the back of the paddy wagon. We even got to turn on the flashing lights and the siren – it was very loud.

Kindy Excursion

  • On to the shopping centre where we were allowed to go into the back of the bakery and see where the bread is actually baked. We were so lucky because we got to ice our own finger bun for morning tea.

Kindy Excursion

  • The Drycleaners was also full of interesting, noisy machines. The favourite for everyone was the Incredible Hulk.
  • We posted our letters in the mail box and then went to do some shopping in Coles.

Kindy Excursion

  •  After that we needed to sit down for a while and enjoy our yummy finger buns and a special treat for a drink.
  • It was time to return to kindy and we all made it back with a smile on our face and energy to spare.
  • What a wonderful day with our kindy friends filled with fun and learning.
  • Thank you to our special parents who came along to help out.