Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary

Term 3 Week 6 at kindy

  • Everything we learnt at the Police Station last week was put into practise this week. We took a closer look at fingerprints and how they are all different and made an official police record of our own fingerprints.

Kindy Excursion to the Police Station

  • We also made a police hat to wear at home. We have to keep remembering that Police officers don’t only run after bad people but help us in many different ways.


  • During outside time we turned the bike track into a busy highway with traffic lights, road signs and lots of cars and bikes. The Police hats were also outside so we had to be careful that we were driving carefully and not speeding.


  • We arrived at kindy on Wed/Thurs to find unusual footprints all over the kindy floor.  Mrs Ford was very upset because someone had taken her full bottle of honey. We had to investigate the clues around the room to see who had been up to mischief. We found some sticky honey trails and lots of footprints. We made some wanted posters and put them up to see if anyone could help us find the culprit. In the block area we built a lock up just in case we caught someone so that they had somewhere to go for time out.

Kindy Mystery